Update 22


Tak nás čeká spousta zajímavých věci.  Severní Mirkwood, Thranduilovo království, Dale, Lake Town, Erebor. Elfové dostanou konečně taky svého přirozeného mounta – Losa. A hlavně ještě před koncem roku si to v novém raidu vyřídíme s trpaslíkama z Lughash, na Shelob se půjde až v U23, takže Loth může být zatím v klidu :)

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    update 21.3

    Daily quests improvement: The Gorgoroth Daily Expedition quests now award 2 Slivers of Black Steel each so players can earn Black Steel Keys equally from any Daily expedition.
    Featured Instace currency upgrade (Long Lost Coins are now useful):The Featured Instance cap level rewards boxes will now drop either an Enchanted Gorgoroth Adamant or 2 Slivers of Black Steel.

    New featured instances rotation: The Featured Instance rotation has been updated. „The Dome of Stars“ replaces „Lost Temple“, „Great Barrow – The Maze“ replaces „Sammath Gul“, „Fornost Wraith of Fire“ replaces „Dungeons of Dol Guldur“, „Sunken Labyrinth“ replaces „Halls of Night“, „The Ruined City“ replaces „StoneHeight“, and „The Battle for Erebor“ replaces „Barad Guldur“.
    New consumables (probably end-game): Cook Crafting upgrade: Cooks have a few new Doomfold recipes automatically granted to them.
    PvMP Creeps upgrade: Many Monster Player stats and attributes have been adjusted.
    Ash farm not possible any more: Level 106 to 115 landscape mobs will no longer have a chance to drop Incomparable equipment that can be Disenchanted into Ash of Gorgoroth. mobs in the resource instances will continue to drop incomparable equipment.

    End-game Instances:
    3 and 6 man end-game loot: All bosses in the Tier 2 Dungeons of Naerband and Court of Seregost instances now have an increased chance of dropping Incomparable gear.
    3 and 6-man end-game locks: Naerband and Seregost instance chests now have a one-day lock on them to allow for a very large increase in drop rates.

    Dungeons of Naerband huge rework:
    A new chest has been added for players who make it out of the Dungeons of Flame.
    Thraknûl’s Chains of Malice attack includes an induction and different effect icon.
    Damage done by the anti-healing debuffs has been reduced.
    Fewer non-boss mobs will spawn between the first and second boss fights. Additionally, area of effect damage from Thraknûl and the Flame-spirits has been reduced.
    Thraknûl is now more resistant to unintentionally resetting when being kited.
    Additional voice over and dialog text has been added to the major Boss attacks, and dialog text has been added to Orc and Uruk mobs for some of their attacks.
    The door to Thraknûl’s area now resets more reliably when the fight resets.

    New raid is out. Its loot is said to be superior to any other loot. Original challlenger titles won’t be available till future update.
    All dailies will rewards players with keys,
    Featured instances become relevant again.
    Farming CoS T2C for gear/empowerment scrolls will not be possible anymore due to locks. Dungeons of Naerbrand now requires less time, is more stable performance wise and far more rewarding loot wise.

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