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Unbroken one is known as one of the (or perhaps the) hardest fight in the game, however the last month or so we have 1 shot it nearly every night and every time we did one shot it we brought a pug with us who had never completed the fight before. In fact one time we brought a champ who had never even seen the fight before and 1 shot it. So why am I telling you this? Because contrary to popular opinion this is not a fight to do once and never come back, this is not a fight to fear and most importantly do NOT follow on the bandwagon of people that say this fight is nearly impossible because its SO RANDOM. Yes there is randomness to it but you can mitigate risk and deal with any scenario. If it was near impossible due to randomness we would not see these consistent results. If you want to do this fight successfully read this and absorb all of it and don’t move on until you understand. There are numerous ways to do this fight, I do not claim mine is the best, but our track record should demonstrate its value. I will articulate further how to remove all random elements.

Before I go into the guide if you are already near killing UO or want to compare strategies here our some things our kin does that we consider unique to us or rare to most that help us get the job done:

  • We use Yellow Captain Tank and Healing RK in stage compared to Minstrel and Guard. Guard has lower morale and no last stand/bubble. As BPE doesn’t matter guard is weak. Captain can also have inc healing banner, to arms for taking less damage, higher morale and 1-2K HPS between noble mark and self heals! It applies group benefit while filling guardians role allowing you to have more class breathing room (most important).
  • We have the stage tank only tank 2 mini bosses: SKEL and DHAM. This means he does not have the nasty Inc healing debuff and can be healed easily.
  • NEGH is tanked and dragged around by UO guard tank in main group. As he does no DPS the only thing you need to watch is inc healing on guard. We counter this with water lore. We put revealing mark on NEGH so champs are healed when they AOE and RK’s can also put T3 writ of fire on NEGH to get heals in off group. The captain in group 1 is responsible for removing aura instantly that is -inc healing. This works well as we kill NEGH first when UO dies so we interrupt him right away and go to town.
  • Champs stand behind the boss to more easily stun/rend and DPS oozings. The guardian stands all by himself with 70-80K morale build. We haven’t had an issues with distribute damage with or without a burg. Just make sure he stays over 40k++ if possible after big hits.
  • 1 RK is only on Devourings 1 is only Oozings, each is on target assist and assist eachother if the other ones are cleaned out.
  • We often do this fight with no blue minis, we do healing RK and blue captain in main group
  • We wait 30 seconds after first oozing spawn before pushing through 160. This offsets when oozings and vortex spawns raising your odds of winning as it removes things from happening all at once
  • We wait until all binders are dead usually before kill UO.

Understanding The Fight

Unbroken one [UO] – Does a very hard frontal distribute fairly frequently. Kills binders every minute, spawns oozing every 45 seconds after initial spawn, hits moderate damage gets a melee buff, also debuff on tank later in fight. He has 200 corruptions that needs to be removed to kill him. Once he dies oozings and binders stop spawning!

NEGH – Hits for 900 DPS ball park very weak, lowest morale. Put a healing corruption (aura) on that debuffs player incoming healer. He also puts reflect on when UO nears death and rest of fight. NEGH is responsible for devourings spawn. When he dies devourings no longer spawn. Due to the danger of devourings and that they take probably 30% of your DPS and that he has lowest morale is it natural to kill NEGH first.

SKEL – Hits hard, has an induction wind up that needs to be interrupted and spreads eyes (will appear over your head) that do moderate damage over time and will kill people quickly. Avoid the spread for easy healing! SKEL is responsible for the whips on the ground and the whips will no longer spawn when he is dead. He has NO reflect so go to town on him. His corruption is -incoming damage to mobs around him. He will also bubbles mobs around him so keep things you want to kill away from SKEL.

DHAM – Hits VERY hard, has a 360 aoe, reflects tactical damage and has nasty slow aura corruption. He is not responsible for anything else except for doing huge damage.

Oozing darklings – Spawn off boss every 45 seconds after first spawn. These hit moderate damage with no corruptions, hard with 1 corruption and very hard with 2 corruptions. They also spawn small slow puddle and agro eyes (Don’t really do much).

Devouring darklings – Spawn every 30 seconds, 30 seconds after unbroken one breaches 160 corruptions and first vortex spawns. These spawn from the sides of the room from certain spawn points, however the spawn points are random. If the darkling touches someone and is not stunned it will 1 shot them. These move very slow so it is easily avoidable and you can CC them (adaptation yes).

Binders – Full frontal stun unlimited targets, small radius but if everyone is balled up it hits hard as its not distributed. These do moderate damage, though they run around random like spearmen in mammoths; try and keep them off light armors. These spawn every so often from entrance/exit and get killed by unbroken one every minute or so (varies). Sometimes they have a bubble and do not get 1 shot from him.

Whips – Spawn every 34 seconds or so (not perfect timer). These do considerable damage constantly if you stand in them, so simply do not stand in them!!!!! Help your healers out.

Vortex – Spawns every 40 seconds random location. As leader I’ve found it easier to direct my raid where to run rather than say where it is. If the vortex is by the entrance I quickly say run towards the exit, if it is in the middle I say get away from the middle, if it is by the back of the room I say run towards the stage. I also give people 5 seconds warning and actively say vortex NOW and should be the only one talking. I don’t even remember last time someone died to vortex. There are set points around the room but there is twice as many spawn points as devourings 10-12++ so do not bother memorizing them. The vortex will such you towards it with several pulls that hit small damage. When being pulled do not run in the same place in whips!!!! If you are not in whips fine, if you are in whips let the vortex throw you out of them and angle yourself safely away. You can also use vortex as a teleport across the room when you get good! You have to get as much distance between you and the vortex when it spawns (you have 5 seconds to run away). You run against the pull to avoid being pulled into it. If you are too close and get sucked in you get 1 shot. However some tips:

If you are quite close to vortex and had no time to run you have options:

1) If you are quite close find something to los it like the campfire by ramp or a cage (this probably won’t happen) The other option is run away from the vortex at small degree instead of straight away from it. This will make you run in a circle around it.
2) If you are VERY close your only option is to face it and jump it should pull you right over in the raid to other side and then you can start the small degree run around it.

Playing pro with the vortex takes time and I may have not explained the dance very well, but even if you are right beside a vortex when it pulls the fight is not over, fight to live! You do have 5 seconds to get away though, so there is no excuse, get away.

The timers needed for this fight using Super Chronos (link at top first post) or whatever plugin you prefer:

Ooozings 45 seconds (Start timer 30 seconds after UO agros and first oozings spawn) Fire RK 1, champs, guard need this timer
Vortex 40 seconds (Start timer when you see first whips and you are through 160 corruptions on UO) Leader needs this timer
Devourings 30 seconds (30 seconds after first whips, or when you see first devouring spawn start it more accurate) Fire RK 2 /cc needs this timer
Reflect 23 seconds (Start as soon as you see NEGH have a blue explosion animation around him and you see reflect corruption buff on his bar) Leader needs this timer (Useful if all dps has it as well)

The group makeup

  • Grp 2:
  • Yellow Captain
  • RK Healer (Mini could work probably)
  • LM
  • Fire RK
  • Fire RK (Hunt in U19)
  • Yellow Mini

    Grp 1:

  • Red/Blue Captain
  • Mini (RK can work but use blue capt)
  • Champ
  • Champ
  • Champ/Burg/Ward/Bear/Yellow Mini
  • Guard

Understanding what each class does:

Some fights you can bring people and just plow through and get the job done and half your raid really didn’t understand what the hell happened but they just did it. (Boss 1,3,5 are good examples) If you want to do boss 4 every person in your raid MUST understand every single mechanic. Every person must be alert and can’t slack off. Each class has to pull its weight and do its very specific job and role while watching for all the things going on around him/her. Lets start with group 2.

Yellow Captain – Responsible for tanking SKEL and DHAM. Both of these bosses hit hard and the captain will take around 5K TPS. You should not bother with BPE as this is lost later in the fight. You should have a high enough morale build that you don’t get killed from huge attacks, but low enough that the healer can get over heals off you ( a debuff that does strong damage until you are 100% healed). 75-80k is a good area. You will want to utilize your incoming healing banner frequently, stay out of whips, hug corners of the stage during vortex to avoid being pulled out, bubble yourself to help out when situation is dire, rez your personal healer if he dies, heal yourself with noble mark and use all self heals, finally last stand if your going to die (if you die everyone dies). You are also responsible to remove the induction corruption and any corruptions that you can so that you can heal effectively. The -inc damage corruption is not a big deal as nobody is trying to kill those mini bosses anyways.

RK Healer / Mini (Captains personal healer in cage) – Your sole purpose in life is to stay in the stage, and make sure the yellow captain never dies and overheals are healed right away. Strategically use cool downs during vortex pulls, stay out of whips and assist as needed with corruptions. Do not stand too close to DHAM he has a 360 AOE. Do not stand too close to Yellow Captain you can spead eyes from SKEL that do moderate damage.

LM – Your job is: Stun immune the group 1 healer, fire lore the mini bosses on stage the whole fight by using windlore, fire lore unbroken one and windlore every time binders are there or oozing spawn, help cc devourings around the room, keep 3 waterlores on grp 1 guard. When UO dies, use tar/circle/pet debuff on each mini boss and continue with other mentioned jobs.

Yellow Mini – Keep 3 anthems up for RK’s dps, spam corruption removal on UO until dead, assist with corruptions on NEGH if needed. When UO is around 40+ corruptions go help healer stage tank for remainder of fight while still doing some piercing cry on UO. After UO dies simple keep anthems up and heal anyone as needed but you focus is to assist to stage healer with the yellow captain (You can stand at bottom of ramp)

Fire RK 1 – Your sole purpose in life is to kill any oozing that is alive and remove corruptions on it if there is 2. If all oozings are dead assist with devourings. Do not touch binders, you will die from reflect.

Fire RK 2 – Your sole purpose in life is to kill any devourings that spawn, have them chase you on angles away from the group and help stun them as needed. If all are dead help RK 1 with oozings and remove corruptions on them if 2.

Group 1:

Captain – Revealing mark on NEGH, remove all corruptions on NEGH, your cooldowns work perfectly to remove the healing one and the reflect one, if you need assist ask yellow mini. Heal as needed and focus on buffing. Your sole purpose is to make sure NEGH has no corruptions.

Miini – Focus on keeping the guard at 100% morale, make sure you stand in splash heal range of everyone. Remove corruptions if time but usually you will be busy. Use fellows around when UO is dying. Keep your anthem up for champs and just focus on all out healing. Use your coda when bring thrown by vortex on whoever is lowest and then insta bolster when over to top everyone off. Assist as needed 1-2 bolsters for any over heal, and cross heal LM/fire rk’s if they need a heal. Watch champs vigilantly they take darkling damage.

Guard – Tank UO, binders and NEGH. Spam corruption removal sting on UO. Move everytime whips spawn to a whip free area but don’t move too far everyone needs to follow. Re position the boss if devouring is right beside you.

Champs – Horn oozings when they come out, rend them and hit them hard fast while stunned (heroics is good here as well), continue to AOE between feral strikes, your focus most of the time is using feral strikes every time its up and using clobber/battle frenzy to cancel animation. Watch reflect on NEGH when UO is nearly dead. Watch eye spread when killing SKEL.

The Strategy:

Part 1:

– Start off the fight by making sure minstrel anthems are up and everyone is ready, charge in and start heavily AOEing down the binders at base of ramp. Use Tar/Circle/Bird debuff/Oathies etc all dps cd’s.
– Yellow Captain take SKEL and DHAM off to back of room area so other players aren’t in aura. Red/Blue Captain follow after buffing group and start removing on NEGH for rest of the fight. Yellow Capt healer will heal him the entire fight.

If all goes well the binders should be dead between 45 and 55 seconds. Over 1 minute I would consider fairly slow but if your DPS is slow there is two strategies I can provide for you to do the fight.

Part 2:

– Position the boss in position 1 to 162-163 corruptions. Do NOT go through 160 you are not ready.
– Kill first oozings when they come out off boss and start oozing timer.
– After oozings spawn WAIT 30 seconds before going through 160 corruptions and starting all the whips, vortex, devourings etc. This is where our strategy is a bit different from other kins. Your instinct if to plow through as fast as possible and its a horrible feeling waiting 30 seconds until you push through after the first oozings spawn but it is vital to your success. Why do you do this? It offsets the time between when devourings, vortex and oozings spawn. I took a long time to construct a time table so your virtually never get two of these at the same time. You will never get vortex and oozing at the exactly same time (if you do champs can’t aoe cause they got thrown), you will never get devourings and oozing first few rounds at same time so RK’s can help eachother clean up. If you push right through you will clash all the mechanics together and struggle in the chaos. Think about it, if Oozings spawn right when devourings spawn the RK’s can’t help eachother, if vortex spawns same time as oozings, champs can’t stun / aoe them together etc.

There is a reason it lets you choose when to breach 160 and begin to spawn all the other things.

Example of my time table:
0:00 Oozing spawns
0:35 Now Push through to get vortex
0:45 Oozing spawns
0:1:15 Vortex spawns
1:30 Oozing spawns
1:55 Vortex spawns
2:15 Oozing spawns
2:35 Vortex spawns
3:00 Oozing spawns
3:15 Vortex spawns
3:45 Oozing spawns
3:55 Vortex spawns
4:30 Oozing spawns
4:35 Vortex spawns
5:10 Boss should be dead (Combat analysis would read 6 min here counting first part, ideally it should read 4:50-5:10 min when UO dies so this is conservative showing)

So – Simply put. Go to position 1. Remove to 163 corruptions. Kill first oozings first spawn when oozing timer has 15 seconds left push it through 160 and get out of whips / avoid first vortex. Go to position 2 and kill next set of oozings.

Part 3:

– Continue around the room from one position to another staying out of whips avoiding the vortex that the leader calls performing all duties listed above for each class.
– Get the boss down to 4-6 corruptions or so and then wait until binders are dead. When he smashes binders quickly finish him off. Rushing through and killing him with binders up will impact the rest of your fight in a terrible way. Your group will take much higher damage and stuns from binders and RK’s cant AOE.
– When UO dies you must interrupt NEGH as he channels one person.
– Get NEGH in tar/circle and have the RK who was killing oozings blow up NEGH. The RK on devourings will continue work on devourings and apply a few dots to NEGH at the same time.

Part 4:

– When NEGH is dead remember devourings stop spawning. Bring out SKEL and blow him up (no reflect to worry about). Watch though the eyes. If someone has an eye stay away you do not want to spread to other players. Interrupt his induction and burn him. When SKEL dies whips will no longer be on the ground. Continue to wait vortex spawns.
– When SKEL is dead have the yellow captain bring DHAM down and kill him. Watch the reflect for RK’s. Have the reflect timer going and remove the second it pops up. Make sure you aren’t smoldering during reflect pop up and only use essay right after it has been removed so its not ticking during. Healing is easy, but watch 360 aoe a bit of damage.

The Alternate strategy if low DPS / odd group makeup:

Kill DHAM second within the 15 minute timer. Then bring out SKEL and spam heal a high morale tank, captain is probably best 80-100K morale. SKEL can be killed easily after enrage timer goes on. Just intterupt induction, watch eyes, pop fates/bubble during vortex and keep tank at full. Some people will leave NEGH for last but I strong disagree. This hinders you with a ton of devourings and nasty inc healing debuff the whole time. Plus he is such low morale half of others dies sooo fast.

I hope this helps everyone. Once you kill this fight once you will gain enough confidence to farm it. If you have any questions let me know.

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